Mercedes Benz Expanding Into Motorcycle Market To Compete With Audi and BMW

MV Agusta Sportbikes Coming to a Mercedes Dealer Near You

Although Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler purchased 25 percent of the motorcycle builder MV Agusta two years ago in 2014, there wasn’t much signifying to the public that there was any kind of connection between the two companies. That is about to change, though, as MV Agusta sportbikes are finally going to be making their way to Mercedes-Benz showrooms across Europe. This is great news for anyone who has any kind of interest in motorcycles seeing as MV Agusta is a relatively small operation and it is rare to find any kind of showroom at all that features their sleek, powerful machines.

Originally, Mercedes-Benz’ purchase of part of MV Agusta was seen as a way to play catch up with its direct competition of Audi and BMW. For those who don’t know, BMW has been a popular manufacturer of high-end motorcycles for decades now, and the company even uses its own branding for their bikes division. Audi, on the other hand, has a much more direct competitive tie in to Mercedes and MV Agusta as Audi is the company that picked up Ducati after Mercedes killed the partnership with the legendary motorcycle manufacturer. Currently, Ducati is technically under the Automobili Lamborghini banner, though -as many people are unaware of- Lamborghini is itself owned completely by Audi.

When compared to the likes of BMW and Ducati, the MV Agusta brand is not even close to as popular to the general public. This is actually to the point where it could be argued that MV Agusta even falls flat as far as name recognition is concerned. Most people know what BMW and Audi/Ducati offer and stand for from just hearing the companies’ names, but you would be hard pressed to find people who could really explain what MV Agusta is. This lack of name recognition should be remedied by the move by Mercedes-Benz to bring the bikes to their showrooms. As people visit Benz showrooms, word of mouth about MV Agusta alone might see a much-needed boost to help Mercedes become competitive with their rivals, though the chances for this could be slim.

Nevertheless, even with MV Agusta being a smaller name in the industry, the bikes that the company produces are absolutely magnificent. Their quality is easily on par with the sportbikes built by Audi and BMW, and they are certainly high enough quality to belong in Mercedes-Benz dealerships. The significance of this move is pretty large, too, if you take into consideration the fact that BMW and Audi/Lamborghini dealerships don’t display their motorcycles with only a handful of exceptions.

In any case, this should be an interesting development to keep your eyes on as it could end up changing the way all kinds of vehicle manufacturers begin to display and market their motorcycle brands. Likewise, it could also be a terrible mistake on Mercedes and Daimler’s part if they end up dedicating valuable showroom space to something that brings in no money.

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